Art of the Valpovo Castle

Ivan Roth

Great patronage and collection activity is recorded throughout the entire existence of the Valpovo estate, and its significance is rounded off by several great artistic names. After they moved from Vienna, which at the time was one of the largest cities and cultural centres of the world, to the small, devastated Valpovo, the Hilleprand von Prandau family brought the spirit of the Viennese elite.


The patronage and collection activities at the estate have not disappeared with the Prandau family. On the contrary, the von Normann-Ehrenfels family kept the patronage activities at a high level, and another significant fact is that when they arrived, art made by mostly domestic artists entered into the collection. Apart from orders from local artists, their works have also been purchased, making this private collection a legacy of wider local interest.

After a long life in this area, the Valpovo landowners became full-time residents of the local homeland. Based on their private collection, we read the tastes and habits of families, the collection allows us to better understand the daily life in and around the castle, and by its quality it indicates a full-fledged affiliation with the Prandau and Normann families of the high circle of Central European nobility.


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Art of the Valpovo Castle / Ivan Roth

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