Everyday Life of Valpovo Landowners

Mirjana Paušak

In our attempt to present a three-dimensional image of everyday life of the noble families that inherited the Valpovo Estate, we began with objects, documents, and photographs kept as part of the holdings of the Valpovo Regional Museum, which are the heritage of the families of barons Hilleprand von Prandau and counts Normann-Ehrenfels.

The Valpovo Regional Museum is situated in the former family home of the Valpovo landowners, the Baroque castle Prandau-Normann, at the centre of Valpovo. The families of barons Hilleprand von Prandau and counts Normann-Ehrenfels were owners of the castle – fort from 1721 to 1945. During those two and a half centuries, the estate shaped all of the cultural life in Valpovo, but also in Slavonia and Baranja. Today, the Museum holds valuable collections from the heritage of the noble families. Considering that the Museum is located in the family’s home, the heritage is presented in an authentic setting. The objects from the inventory of the castle are showing us the preferences and the lifestyle of the family that surrounded themselves with those objects in their everyday life. Today, the objects are telling us about the wealth and the refined tastes of the members of the family, but also about the organisation of the household.

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