The Prandau-Normann Library

Marina Vinaj, PhD, Ivana Knežević Križić

The library of the Valpovo Estate can be safely designated as one of the most extensive and valuable private libraries in this area.

We assume that the systematic collection of the library material was started by Baron Gustav Hilleprand von Prandau, after the reconsolidation of the Valpovo Estate following the death of his brother Karl. Namely, both brothers were raised in Valpovo with their mother, and they were very inclined toward art, particularly music. Considering they completed their secondary education in Osijek, the assumption is that they acquired primary education in their own home, from private tutors. Literature was obtained intensively during that period, which can be seen from the archival documents of the Valpovo Estate. Unfortunately, no one from the Hilleprand von Prandau family labelled their books with a call number or a bookplate, so there is no way to safely determine which books were taken from the treasury of Gustav and Karl Hilleprand von Prandau.


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The Prandau-Normann Library / Marina Vinaj, PhD and Ivana Knežević Križić

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