Valpovo Landowners - Bibliophiles, Collectors, Donors

Marina Vinaj, PhD, Radmila Biondić

Museum of Slavonia keeps numerous valuable objects of family heritage as part of the collections its Historical Department, Artistic Crafts Department, Numismatics Department, Ethnographic Department, and the Library Department, and their members can truly be described as Bibliophiles, Collectors, and Donors.


Today, the preserved heritage of the Prandau-Normann family at the Museum of Slavonia speaks about the everyday life and practices of the owners of the Valpovo Estate, their interests and social leanings, and they illustrate the life in this area during a period of over two centuries. One of the most valuable preserved family libraries in our country, with close to ten thousand bibliographic units, as well as music material, mostly manuscripts, the numismatic collection donated by the Count Rudolf von Normann-Ehrenfels to the City Museum, as it was called then, ethnographic material, an exceptional cartographic collection, artistic crafts objects: furniture, decorative items, photographs, paintings, documentary material… are all a part of the rich treasury of the Valpovo landowners kept at the Museum of Slavonia and presented to the public for the first time in this manner. However, among these few, there are also some very valuable items that speak of the Valpovo nobility as lovers and advocates of culture, art, literature, and music, as collectors with wide interests, who kept, developed, and enriched existing collections with valuable, often rare pieces of art, through several generations.


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Valpovo Landowners - Bibliophiles, Collectors, Donors / Marina Vinaj, PhD and Radmila Biondić

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