Archival Heritage of the Valpovo Estate

Dražen Kušen, PhD

The complex interdisciplinary and inter-institution exhibition titled Valpovo Landowners Prandau-Normann in many ways originated from the archival fonds of the Valpovo Estate, which is kept in the State Archives in Osijek. What was once a compact and tangible wealth of spiritual and material assets of the Valpovo landowners is now a divergent heritage spread over multiple heritage institutions in Osijek and Valpovo, but also beyond, owned by private individuals. However, the documented trail of creation acquisition, or use, the actual context for the existence of many exhibits from the holdings of specific institutions chosen for this exhibition, can be found in the documents kept at the archival fonds of the Valpovo Estate. This is confirmed by professional and scientific papers written on the basis of that archival fonds published so far, which cover the areas of history, art, sociology, and economy, but also popular publications, written from the perspective of the local history of Valpovo and the Valpovo region. This catalogue is one such recent witness of the archived roots of that heritage and almost all of the papers included in it refer to the sources from the mentioned archival fonds.


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Archival Heritage of the Valpovo Estate / Dražen Kušen, PhD

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