State Archives in Osijek

For its section of participation in this four facet exhibition, the State Archives in Osijek reveals a selection of documents and other records from its holdings that comprise the archival fonds of the Valpovo Estate in the period from 1727 to 1945.


The archival fonds of the Valpovo Estate includes only a part of the archival materials that were created during the life and work of the noble families Hilleprand von Prandau and von Normann-Ehrenfels. It is one of the rare archival fonds the materials from which, though only partly preserved, vividly depict the organisation, administration, and activities of the estates in the wider region, and the life and work of the nobility and their subjects in Eastern Croatia, during the period from the beginning of the 18th century until 1945. The coats of arms from the archival fonds of the Valpovo Estate are a part of the long history of using coats of arms. Natural abundance, limited area, human potential, landowning and vassalage rights, regulated relationships, and peaceful cohabitation made the estate into a place where economic assets grew and society developed through history. In secular and religious circles, in Valpovo and the Valpovo region, in Osijek and Slavonia, in Zagreb and elsewhere in Croatia, in Vienna and all over the Monarchy, the members of the Hilleprand von Prandau and von Normann-Ehrenfels families were active in all of those places, and received prominent positions and functions, offices and significance. Some traces of that significance were preserved in these honorary diplomas.



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